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About Rabbi Daniel Berkowitz

I am a Certified and registered Senior Mohel with the Initiation Society and have been practicing Bris Milah-Jewish circumcision for more than 30 years. I am a member of The Initiation Society, approved by the London Beth Din and The Union of Hebrew Congregations. My Rabbinical studies were in Israel and after graduation I continued further Rabbinical and Circumcision Practical studies here in the U.K.

I have been practising Bris milah and Circumcision and training students for more than 30 years and have performed thousands of circumcisions, for all age groups. Today my work still involves babies, infants, teens and adults.

I perform circumcision both in this country and abroad, including Israel, Europe, USA, Hong Kong, Former Soviet Union and more. I was very much involved with circumcision in the Former Soviet Union, where I performed many adult circumcisions together with Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Wienberger, Dr Morris Sifman OB"M and Reb Yisroel Stern (Brudi) OB"M.

Personally I have  trained a generation of new Mohalim, who are now successfully in practice themselves here in the UK and also in Israel, Europe, Canada and the USA.

Working to precision is my pride and I demand a very high standard of myself in both surgery and hygiene. In my work, the results show little scarring and the healing time is reduced to its minimum. My approach delivers aesthetic results that are most desirable and pleasing - a result of many years of practice. 

Being a descendant of great and famous Mohalim I began my training in 1987 and I qualified in 1990. I trained with Dr Morris Sifman OB"M, the  Medical officer of the initiation Society, Reb Yesroel (Brudi) Stern OB"M, Rabbi S G Gluck, Dyan Ch Eherentrue, Rev M Plasko, Rev C Hailpern and many others. I received my Diploma from the Initiation Society
Medical Board and the late Lord Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Dr Emanuel Jakobovits, also from the London Beth Din.

I have been a committee member of The Initiation Society for many years and am
consulted regularly on issues relating to Bris Milah and circumcision. I am well known to doctors, nurses and midwives and in the circumcisions community.

Rabbi Daniel Berkowitz is a Certified and Registered member of The Initiation Society & UOHC