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Circumcisions Service

You can book a circumcision appointment visit with us (recommended) or if you prefer, you can make an appointment to  have the circumcision done at home. Either way  you can be reassured by  knowing, that your child will be circumcised by an  experienced qualified mohel (circumciser). This is a non ritual service available to all. If you need a ritual Brit then take a look at our Brit Milah page.

The circumcision is done using the most up to date and most advanced traditional method. There is hardly any bleeding and the dressing is small and light and removes itself, making it much easier for you. The circumcision is virtually painless, this is achieved by using a topical and non-invasive anesthesia application. The traditional method is also the fastest and most hassle free method, being quick, safe and  with virtually no pain. It has the best safety record unlike the ring, cap or any of the other methods and is the shortest in time by far.
A modern and up to-date hygienic protocol is followed, including the use of the latest sterilisation, medicine and dressings.
The Circumcision is extremely safe and complications are negligible. The method used coupled with the many years of experience and our complication free record, makes us the best choice for circumcising your son.
During the circumcision the baby lies comfortably on a specially designed and modern circumstraint, removing any need for outside assistance. Thus also shortening the time of the procedure to a minimum, only a couple of minutes.
Post operational checks are routine. Full verbal and written instructions are given. A 24 hour help line is only a phone-call away and all necessary follow up appointments are mandatory. You get a full after care service and post circumcision check ups, all at no extra cost to you.
Please call Rabbi Daniel at Tel:020 8800 4724/07956553764 or E-mail him at: rabbidaniel@circumcisionsmohel.co.uk for any further information or to arrange an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you, thank you for visiting our site.

Rabbi Daniel Berkowitz is a Certified and Registered member of The Initiation Society & UOHC